Arata Jingu | 神宮 亜良太

I am a first-year Ph.D. student at Human Computer Interaction Lab at Saarland University, advised by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Steimle.

My interests are: (1) leveraging the human-body mechanism to interact with computers, (2) exploring novel interactions with a low-burden device, and (3) expanding the possibilities of future entertainment.

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Lips as Interface

My three papers (CHI'23, UIST'21, WHC'21) explored "Lips as Interface". Lips have high potential as I/O interfaces: dexterous, inherent in humans, sensitive to touch, electrically conductive, valley-shaped capable of converging ultrasonic waves, close to other intraoral parts, and easy to access from the outside environment. Just as our fingers have become a touch I/O interface in today's touchscreens, we might witness how our lips EVOLVE in the following decades.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

LipIO: Enabling Lips as both Input and Output Surface

Arata Jingu, Yudai Tanaka, Pedro Lopes
In Proc. CHI'23 (full paper, acceptance rate: 28.4%)


LipNotif: Use of Lips as a Non-Contact Tactile Notification Interface Based on Ultrasonic Tactile Presentation

Arata Jingu, Takaaki Kamigaki, Masahiro Fujiwara, Yasutoshi Makino, Hiroyuki Shinoda
In Proc. UIST'21 (full paper, acceptance rate: 25.9%)

We propose LipNotif, a non-contact tactile notification system that uses airborne ultrasound tactile presentation to lips. This work is based on the lips' inherent structures/properties in mid-air ultrasound haptics. LipNotif allows users to receive tactile notifications using lips without sacrificing busy eyes/ears/hands or wearing bulky devices.

Paper | Video | Talk

Tactile Perception Characteristics of Lips Stimulated by Airborne Ultrasound

Arata Jingu, Masahiro Fujiwara, Yasutoshi Makino, Hiroyuki Shinoda
In Proc. WHC'21 (full paper, acceptance rate: 40%)

We investigated the tactile perception characteristics of lips in mid-air ultrasound haptics. The lowest tactile thresholds of the lips were achieved at the valley-shaped area of the lips in terms of location, lateral modulation with periodic circular trajectories (LMc) in terms of modulation type, and 40 Hz in terms of modulation frequency.

Paper | Talk

Dynamic Iris Authentication by High-speed Gaze and Focus Control

Tomohiro Sueishi, Arata Jingu, Shoji Yachida, Michiaki Inoue, Yuka Ogino, Masatoshi Ishikawa
In Proc. SII'21 (short paper)

We propose a dynamic iris authentication system using high-speed gaze and focus control by high-speed image processing. We control high-speed rotational mirrors and liquid-based variable focus lens by triangulation with a wide-angle camera. We also control the liquid lens with additive modulation of a sine wave to get the most focused iris image.



Be in"tree"sted in | きになるき

International Virtual Reality Contest 2019, Tokyo ( Laval Virtual Award)
Laval Virtual 2020, Virtual

VR experience of becoming a tree and spending the four seasons.
Audiences can also interact with the tree user through a miniature tangible tree.
(w/ three co-creators, my part: VR Development/Server Development)

Paper | Video

Autonomous Shadow | 自律する影

IIIExhibition 2018 "Dest-logy REBUILD", Tokyo

Your shadow begins to move autonomously.
(w/ two co-creators, my part: Python/OpenCV/Shadow Image Processing/OSC)



The 69th Komaba festival (2018), Tokyo

Splatoon-like AR battle game.