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Arata Jingu is a second-year master's student of Shinoda & Makino Lab at the University of Tokyo. He is currently working with Prof. Hiroyuki Shinoda on lip tactile stimulation and with Prof. Pedro Lopes on human-computer integration.

His research interest is to pioneer new computer entertainment and interactions that require little physical burden. He is particularly interested in Human-Computer Interaction/Integration, VR/AR, and Ubiquitous Computing.

He received his B.E. from the University of Tokyo, where he researched iris image sensing using high-speed vision with Prof. Masatoshi Ishikawa. He also worked with Prof. Masahiko Inami on novel VR interactions.

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

LipNotif: Use of Lips as a Non-Contact Tactile Notification Interface Based on Ultrasonic Tactile Presentation

Arata Jingu, Takaaki Kamigaki, Masahiro Fujiwara, Yasutoshi Makino, Hiroyuki Shinoda

ACM UIST 2021 (full paper)

Paper | Video

Tactile Perception Characteristics of Lips Stimulated by Airborne Ultrasound

Arata Jingu, Masahiro Fujiwara, Yasutoshi Makino, Hiroyuki Shinoda

IEEE WHC 2021 (full paper)

Paper | Talk

Dynamic Iris Authentication by High-speed Gaze and Focus Control

Tomohiro Sueishi, Arata Jingu, Shoji Yachida, Michiaki Inoue, Yuka Ogino, and Masatoshi Ishikawa

IEEE/SICE SII 2021 (short paper)



Be in"tree"sted in | きになるき

International Virtual Reality Contest 2019, Tokyo ( Laval Virtual Award)
Laval Virtual 2020, Virtual

Paper | Video

Autonomous Shadow | 自律する影

IIIExhibition 2018 "Dest-logy REBUILD", Tokyo